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Azapeptide Libraries

Aza‐propargylglycine, azaPra, peptides are branching points for the synthesis of azapeptide libraries. Researchers in the Lubell Lab, published in...

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Backbone Modification

G-protein-coupled receptors, GPCRs, mediate diverse physiological processes and are targets of many therapeutic agents. GPCR subfamilies comprise...

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Short Peptides

Helical secondary and tertiary motifs are commonly observed as binding epitopes in natural and engineered protein scaffolds. While several strategies...


Aromatic Foldamer Hybrids

Translation, the mRNA-templated synthesis of peptides by the ribosome, can be manipulated to incorporate variants of the 20 cognate amino acids. Such approaches for expanding the range of chemical entities that can be produced by the ribosome may accelerate the discovery...

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Immunomodulatory Activity

Synthetic peptides derived from naturally occurring host defence peptides, HDPs, have garnered significant attention as novel pharmaceuticals, particularly as alternatives to antibiotics and for immunomodulatory applications. One of the barriers to advancing synthetic peptides...

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Enzyme Sequestration

Liquid-like droplets of biomacromolecules are emerging as a fundamental mechanism of cellular signaling, but designing synthetic mimics to form such...

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The aim of Peptide Science is to publish significant original research papers and up-to-date reviews covering the entire field of peptide research. Peptide Science provides a forum for papers covering all aspects of peptide synthesis, materials, structure and bioactivity, including the use of peptides in exploring protein functions and protein-protein interactions.

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