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Ra Pharmaceuticals

Ra Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has announced that it has received a development milestone payment under its collaboration agreement with Merck, known as MSD outside the US and Canada. The milestone payment is associated with the companies' collaboration...

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Consecutive βAmino Acids

Due to their unique characteristics, which are not shared by canonical α-peptides, peptides that contain stretches of consecutive β-amino acids are attractive scaffolds for novel peptide drugs and nanomaterials...

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Cell Permeability

Macrocyclic peptides are capable of binding to flat protein surfaces such as the interfaces of protein-protein interactions with antibody-like affinity and specificity, but generally lack cell permeability...

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Foldamer Backbone Variation

What is the best spatial arrangement of a pair of reactive groups for bifunctional catalysis of a chemical transformation? The conformational versatility of proteins allows reactive group geometry...


Rapid Screening

Most native producers of ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides, RiPPs, utilize N-terminal leader peptides to avoid potential cytotoxicity of mature products to...


Directed Evolution

Allosteric enzymes contain a wealth of catalytic diversity that remains distinctly underutilized for biocatalysis. Tryptophan synthase is a model allosteric system and a valuable enzyme...

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The aim of Peptide Science is to publish significant original research papers and up-to-date reviews covering the entire field of peptide research. Peptide Science provides a forum for papers covering all aspects of peptide synthesis, materials, structure and bioactivity, including the use of peptides in exploring protein functions and protein-protein interactions.

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