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Image from the Hancock Lab

Immunomodulatory Activity

Synthetic peptides derived from naturally occurring host defence peptides, HDPs, have garnered significant attention as novel pharmaceuticals, particularly as alternatives to antibiotics and for immunomodulatory applications. One of the barriers to advancing synthetic peptides...

Scientific Diagram

Antimicrobial Peptides

To combat the serious issue of increasing global antibiotic resistance, new antimicrobial therapies are urgently required. As one alternative, previously used antibiotics are...

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Maintain or Break Symmetry

In coiled-coil, CC, protein structures α-helices wrap around one another to form rope-like assemblies. Most natural and designed CCs have two-four helices...

The McAlpine Group

Membrane Permeability

Published in Peptide Science, researchers in Shelli McAlpine's lab describe the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of 5 N-methylated analogs that are based on a lead drug structure...

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Cell Penetrating Peptides

Cell penetrating peptides, CPPs, are frequently used to deliver peptide cargo into cells where they can exert their biological activity. Their success, however, can be dependent on the cargo, the cell type, and other...

Scientific Diagram

Consecutive βAmino Acids

Due to their unique characteristics, which are not shared by canonical α-peptides, peptides that contain stretches of consecutive β-amino acids are attractive scaffolds for novel peptide drugs and nanomaterials...

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Monterey Coast

If you thought Whistler, BC was awesome, wait until you see what we have planned for you in Monterey, California in 2019!

We will hold our 26th biennial Symposium from June 22nd until June 27th, 2019, at the luxurious Portola Hotel and Conference Center at Monterey Bay. Now is the time to submit an abstract, become a sponsor or register as an exhibitor.  We would love for you to join us!

Book Contributors Needed

Former APS President, Ben Dunn, has been asked to develop a new edition of the John Wiley & Sons book titled "Peptide Chemistry and Drug Design".  He is seeking interested contributors or even another scientist to take over as editior of the new edition of this book.  If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please contact the APS office at (apsoffice17@gmail.com).