Young Investigator Awards:

At the biennial American Peptide Symposium, young investigators may elect to enter the Young Investigator’s Poster Competition. Young Investigators are defined as undergraduates, graduates and post docs. A select group of participants are chosen to present orally and will automatically be entered into the ESCOM Science Foundation Oral Presentation Competition. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

The 2019 Dr. Bert L. Schram Awards

First Prize
Shehrazade Jekhmane, Utrecht University

Second Prize
Nina Hartrampf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Young Investigators Oral Presentations

Stephen Joy, University of Michigan
Solomon Gisemba, University of Florida
Samuel Melton, University of Pennsylvania
Sheherazade Jekhmane, Utrecht University
Nina Hartrampf, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stephanie Berger, University of Washington
Sivan Nir-Luz, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The 2019 Young Investigator Poster Competition Winners

Catherine Hurd, University of Cambridge
Shabnam Jafari, University of California Davis
Ferran Nadal-Bufi, Queensland University of Technology
Monessha Nambiar, Purdue University
Jennifer Rowe, Purdue University

The Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Poster Award

Iraj Behroz, Technische Universitat Berlin
Timothy Reichart, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, EPFL
Ari Salinger, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Mihajlo Todorovic, University of British Columbia

The Peptide Science Poster Award

Buyan Pan, University of Pennsylvania
Hyun Jun Yang, University of California, Irvine

The ACS Division of Biological Sciences Travel Award

Colin Kelly, University of California Santa Cruz
Samuel Melton, University of Pennsylvania
Adriana Gauna, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria

2019 SAC Co-Chairs

Katelyn Smith

Katelyn Smith, Ph.D.
Merck & Co., Inc.

Michael BertucciMichael Bertucci, Ph.D.
Moravian College
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ESCOM Science Foundation

ESCOM LogoESCOM Science Foundation, founded by Dr. Bert L. Schram and currently chaired by Johan Elgersma, has kindly sponsored the awards given for the Young Investigator Poster and Oral Presentation Competitions. In addition, the Foundation also sponsors the Dr. Bert L. Schram Young Scientists’ Lunch and Mixer. The American Peptide Society acknowledges this generous contribution, which supports the development and promotion of young aspiring researchers in peptide science, with our special thanks.