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One of the winners of the 2019 Peptide Science Poster Award, presented at the 2019 American Peptide Society Symposium in Monterey, CA, is Hyunjun Yang from the Nowick Group at the University of California at Irvine. The title of his poster was Using X-ray Crystallographic Structure of a Teixobactin Derivative to Probe the Mechanism of Action of Teixobactin,.

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Hyunjun's presentation describes his ongoing studies of the antibiotic teixobactin through X-ray crystallography and structure-activity relationships of teixobactin analogues. The X-ray crystallographic structure of a teixobactin analogue shows supramolecular assembly through the formation of antiparallel β-sheets and creates binding sites for anions and oxyanions. β-Sheet dimers are key subunits of these assemblies. Hyunjun and his colleagues in the Nowick Group are currently using the structures to probe the mechanism of action of teixobactin and to design structure-activity relationship experiments.

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