FASEB Capitol Hill Day

On Tuesday (March 9th) and Thursday (March 11th), APS FASEB representative Dr. Mark Distefano along with other FASEB representatives and staff met with congressional staff members from both the House of Representatives and Senate to encourage them to increase the budgets for both NIH and NSF. The budgets for those agencies will be included in appropriations bills that will be discussed in Congress in the upcoming months. FASEB recommends budgets of $ 46 billion for NIH and $ 10 billion for NSF.

In his meetings with congressional staff, Dr. Distefano emphasized how the low success rate at NIH and NSF has required numerous resubmissions to get projects funded that were deemed meritorious, thereby slowing scientific progress and decreasing training opportunities for graduate students and postdocs.

He also pointed out the importance of peptide science in the development of new drugs for a range of diseases including COVID-19 and how important scientific funding is for the training of the next generation of scientists who will be needed to address the needs of the country in the future.

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