Scientist, Small Molecule Process Chemistry

The Position
Genentech is seeking a top-tier Chemistry Scientist with a proven record of sustained laboratory achievement and innovation to join our Small Molecule Process Chemistry group. The Scientist, leading from the bench as part of our project-based research and development staff, is responsible for:

Developing enabling chemistry during early and/or late stage research in support of early development-readiness decisions
Developing processes to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in early development through Phase III route selection
Delivering API supply in early phase clinical development
Using the enabling chemistry developed, the Scientist, working with our South San Francisco clinical manufacturing team, will participate in the production of early phase GMP clinical supplies. Eventual route selection for late stage GMP API manufacturing is also the responsibility of the Scientist and includes the concepts of safe, efficient, robust, environmentally sound chemistry and extends to the synthesis of the regulatory starting materials and establishment of a robust supply chain. A key job requirement is the ability to interact closely with discovery chemists and sourcing partners throughout development. The Scientist is expected to maintain a high level scientific profile both internally and externally in terms of scholarly achievements and pipeline contributions.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing processes suitable for controlling the quality of bulk API as required by cGMP, ICH and FDA regulations as well as the bulk attributes conducive to successful formulation development. In addition, writing relevant CMC sections of INDs and participating in developing a strategy for quality are important tasks. The position's mission will be accomplished through innovation and teamwork, collaboration with strategic partners, creative problem solving and use of state-of-the-art technology

Who You Are

Successful candidates will possess the following qualifications:

PhD in relevant scientific discipline with 0-10 years industry experience.
Outstanding record of innovation and success in multiple projects over the course of their graduate, post-doctoral and industrial career with a sustained publication record.
Strong working knowledge of the latest developments in contemporary Process Chemistry including chemo- and bio-catalysis, organometallic chemistry as well as expertise in asymmetric transformations, heterocyclic chemistry, and/or peptide chemistry.
Demonstrated experience at the kilogram delivery scale is preferred.
Ability to interact, learn and eventually lead in a CMC/cross functional environment.
Ability to take initiative, provide strategic input, problem solve, work in teams, develop people and communicate clearly, both orally and in writing.
Applicant should plan to submit a short Research Summary in addition to their CV.