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Influencing Self-Assembly

Amphipathic peptides with alternating polar and nonpolar amino acid sequences efficiently selfassemble into functional β-sheet fibrils as long as the nonpolar residues have sufficient hydrophobicity...

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Mutational Scanning

High-resolution structure-activity analysis of polypeptides requires amino acid structures that are not present in the universal genetic code. Examination of peptide and protein...

Eileen Kennedy

Inhibitor Resistance

Although EGFR is a highly sought-after drug target, inhibitor resistance remains a challenge. As an alternative strategy for kinase inhibition, researchers in the...

The Marcotte Group

Protein Identification

The identification and quantification of proteins lags behind DNA-sequencing methods in scale, sensitivity, and dynamic range. In work published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers in the Marcotte Lab we show that sparse...

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Cell Penetration

Biotherapeutics are a promising class of molecules in drug discovery, but they are often limited to extracellular targets due to their poor cell penetration. High-throughput cell penetration assays are required for the optimization of...

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Enzyme Sequestration

Liquid-like droplets of biomacromolecules are emerging as a fundamental mechanism of cellular signaling, but designing synthetic mimics to form such...

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To celebrate the 10th International Peptide Symposium in conjunction with the 55th Japanese Peptide Symposium, 3rd – 7th December, 2018, Kyoto, Japan, Peptide Science, ChemBioChem and ChemMedChem have prepared a joint Virtual Issue. These three Wiley journals publish top articles in peptide research and have selected some of their best for this special collection.  All the articles are free to read until March 2019....

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