Symposium Proceedings

 1st APS 1968 – Chemistry and Biochemistry, Yale University
 2nd APS 1970 – Progress in Peptide Research, Cleveland Clinic
 3rd APS 1972 – Chemistry and Biology of Peptides, Boston
 4th APS 1975 – Peptides: Chemistry, Structure and Biology, New York
 5th APS 1977 – Peptides, University of California, San Diego
 6th APS 1979 – Peptides: Structure and Biological Function, Georgetown University
 7th APS 1981 – Peptides: Synthesis, Structure, Function, University of wisconsin
 8th APS 1983 – Peptides: Structure and Function, University of Arizona
 9th APS 1985 – Peptides: Structure and Function, Toronto, Canada
 10th APS 1987 – Peptides: Chemistry and Biology, Washington University, St. Louis
 11th APS 1989 – Peptides: Chemistry, Structure, and Biology, University of California, San Diego
 12th APS 1991 – Peptides: Chemistry and Biology, Massachusets Institute of Technology
 13th APS 1993 – Peptides: Chemistry, Structure, and Biology, Edmonton, Alberta
 14th APS 1995 – Peptides: Chemistry, Structure, and Biology, Ohio State University at Columbus
 15th APS 1997 – Frontiers of Peptide Science, Nashville
 16th APS 1999 – Peptides for the Millenium, Minneapolis
 17th APS 2001 – Peptides: The Wave of the Future, San Diego
 18th APS 2003 – Peptide Revolution: Genomics, Proteomics, & Therapeutics, Boston
 19th APS 2005 – San Diego
 20th APS 2007 – Peptides for Youth, Montreal, Canada
 21st APS 2009 – Peptides: Breaking Away, Indiana University
 22nd APS 2011 – Peptides: Building Bridges, San Diego
 23rd APS 2013 – Peptides Across the Pacific, Kona, Hawai’i
 24th APS 2015 – Enabling Peptide Researc from Basic Science to Drug Discovery, Orlando
Volume 113, Issue 4, July 2021

The aim of Peptide Science is to publish significant original research papers and up-to-date reviews covering the entire field of peptide research. Peptide Science provides a forum for papers covering all aspects of peptide synthesis, materials, structure and bioactivity, including the use of peptides in exploring protein functions and protein-protein interactions.

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