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In San Diego, 2001: The 17th APS Symposium Reception River cruise at 1999 APS, Minnesota Josef Przybylski, Krzyshof Bankowski, Gotfryd Kuprszewski, Eleouora Nawrocka, Maurice Manning, Bernard Lammek, Aleksandra Misicka, and Zbigniew Grzonka enjoying great Canadian weather at the 9th APS in Toronto, 1985. Maurice Manning and Bruce Merrifield enjoying the sunshine at the 14th APS in Columbus, 1995.
Bruce Merrifield and James Tam sharing a happy moment at the 16th APS in Minneapolis, 1999. Garland Marshall presenting "Bound Conformations for Ligands at G-Protein Coupled Receptors" to a captivated audience at the 16th APS Symposium in Minneapolis, 1999. Bruce Merrifield, John Stewart and Robert Schwyzer enjoying a laugh together at the 14th APS Symposium in Columbus, 1995. Ralph Hirshmann enjoying the atmosphere of the exhibition at the 16th APS Symposium in Minneapolis, 1999.
At the 5th American Peptide Society Symposium, co-Chair Dr. Murray Goodman chats with Dr. Miklos Bodanszky, the first recipient of the A. Pierce Award which was awarded at that meeting. Maurice Manning and Greg Fields getting ready to tee off at the 1st APS Golf Tournament featured at the 16th APS Symposium in Minneapolis. Dr. Miklos Bodanszky with his former students and colleagues at the APS meeting in Edmonton, Canada in 1993, at the 13th American Peptide Society Symposium. From left are: Drs. Michio Kondo, Gareth Priestley, Miklos Bodanszky, Yakir Klausner,John Tolleand Ken Funk. At the 16th APS Sympoisum in Minneapolis, June, 1999: Maurice Manning, Rao Makineni, Carmel Manning, Michael Verlander, and Jane Salik.
Two peptide science pioneers: Bruce Merrifield and Murray Goodman, at the 1984 European Peptide Society meeting in Sweden. Seen here, graduate student, Liliane Halab presents her poster to Prof. Sam Gellman, in 2000 at 26th EPS in Montpellier, France. Dr. Liliane Halab obtained her Ph.D. from Prof. Lubell’s lab in August, 2001, and is presently working as a research scientist at ViroChem Pharma in Montréal. Meeting of the Presidents in Boston 2003, Roger Freidinger, President and Jane Aldrich, President-elect, of the American Peptide Society. Nicole D. Smith, Ph.D., (a graduate student at the time the photo was taken), is seen here with her graduate advisor Professor Murray Goodman (1928 – 2004), after she won an award for the poster competition at the 27th EPS meeting for her poster entitled, "Peptidomimetics and their Incorporation into Peptide Opioids". Dr. Smith is now employed with Neurocrine, in San Diego, California.